Magic Moments

“So,you think you know happiness? You think you know love? You think that life is filled with magic? That’s all little girl shit, that’s all a bunch of fairy tale lalala shit!.” But you know what I say? I say to them, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, because my happiness was found within and now I know what it means to love myself. As for love it can be found all around you if you opened your eyes to see that magic I speak of, the trees that give you air, the birds that fly over our heads, the warm embrace of your child’s hugs, the sweet smell of the one you love, your person, when they come home, after being gone all day. And your little heart flutters because your soul wants to jump out of its skin and into their arms as fast as possible. Just to smell them and of course hug them. ♥️ that is all magic too me.”


Copyright by JC Blu. 

All rights reserved.

The Grand Opening…

Trembling little puppet, grand opening of the beginnings of new tides to come, creating fear within this place you stand, wondering what tomorrow brings, when will the suffering end? These were the thoughts that once clouded your mind.
A light started shining through your window, peaking behind the curtain of life.
Tragic some of the old ways that used to carry here on the soil, soaking into the ground beneath, deeper and deeper, seeping into the core of mother earth, and our souls.
We grow from here, take the damage,I can’t stand it, the thought of how all of this is supposed to be our destiny? Written for us, in their rule book of games, puppets no more. Erase it all every play, because today’s a new day, for sure you are here, peeling away at the layers made to shield your true aspire, rip it off like a band-aid, open your throat chakra, and your heart one too. Say it so loud that they have to hear you, no matter what you do. Don’t you dare stand still. Open your eyes to all that have blinded you, binding you to a contract of forever debt, forever stress and nobody can rest. Heavy tensions in the air piling on top of our own inside shamble… I say tear it up, burn it in a blazing flame and then reach even higher… And never forget. We’re all in this together.
A new destination we are headed for, don’t let them isolate the pack because together we are stronger, and alone we are vulnerable.
Trust in the universe, trust in your inner compass. Stay grateful, looking for your true fate.

Copyrighted by J.C. Blu Production. All rights reserved.

Soften up…

Life is beautifully full of wonder, nooks and crannies, of enjoyment, the minute you stop believing then you have let the dark drown you, watering down all the precious parts the ones glowing in the moonlight, don’t let the magic be snatched by the happiness, snatching thieves of the night. You are partially star dust, just like the comets in the skies. The colors of the wind in your soul, all dancing with the sound of the music, so look up at the clouds and see the funny shapes your soul has revealed.Imagination is magic just coming to life.
It lies within us all, hidden behind the pain, damage that was caused by the harsh blows of the past. A complex, entanglement of hope, most would call me naive, for still believing in such nonsense, tell me to toughen up but really i say soften up.. why isn’t that i thing? Soften up and let the stardust run through your inter-dimensional veins.
Fairy tales, goblins and endless wishes that never are unheard, only you have forgotten.
The smell of fresh rain in the air washing away all our dirty waste, the waste seeping from our pores every time we feel angry or overwhelmed.. No more tough walls to break through, no more agendas, just joy. Just living and breathing, camp in the backyard, lay in the grass watching the clouds, start a snowball fight, march for the rights of whatever you believe in, have deep conversations, swing on a swing so high you might just fall out, make out with your love, as your look into their eyes, play board games with your family, go on a walk with your dog, play hide and seek with your husband, read a book, go on a road trip without a map or a destination…for goodness sake LIVE! Restarting everyday like new, magic is real, its real, life is fun, it is not meant to be so serious. For life is wondrous, it is the sparkle in a child’s eye when they see you again, the beauty of the sunrise sending splashes of color on the horizon, just to remind us of a new day, another set of 24 hours made for you to play in, a playground created to frolic in. Do you feel it in the atmosphere already?
Let there be more soften up moments for us all, lighten up is so 21st century. Soften up…


Copyright J.C. Blu Productions
All rights reserved.

Lunar King

Visualizing all around me many colors, ones that make your eyes stare in amazement at the radiance they ignited from within themselves.
Listening now, to the leaves rustling, the water fall flowing behind me just in the near distance, a stream that ran right through the forest dividing it into two halves. Both still apart of the same forest, just standing on opposite sides. All it takes is the reach of a hand. It just takes a little bit of trust, just fall, fall into it, falling into one another, each bathing in the others soul. Now slowly remembering, all the sweet memories from before all hitting the solar plex as we speak, standing on opposite sides of the creek. I didn’t want to be away from you for so long, I was becoming restless and thought you might never come. Waiting for you here, Can you hear me now? Now listen closely, okay? I yell out,to the skies, I’m coming for you soon and when i do be ready, because I’m going to catch you when you fall from that place. Just jump and take the leap with me, know that I am your familiar other.
A mate that is infinitely yours and you are theirs. Protective and calm you were. you had become more centered my love I have seen the changes. Growth within your chakras. The only way to be one again in this place is to both stand in the water together, holding one another. I am your very best and only friend in the whole universe. I am the one you search for in the skies at night, I hear you breath in my ears, and im always there in your dreams holding you safe. I am your soul twin. Here i am just as you have called to me, expect im here to stay no running, no playing. I know how scary and overwhelming this must be for you right now but you have to listen. This is my biggest promise, Ill be here waiting oh so patiently, until you say your ready, then i will never leave your side again.
Dancing on Jupiter and spinning to mars with you in my arms, intertwining. I am indeed your destiny,. that’s why you said it i was so familiar, you remember
but only subconsciously, soon more and more with come to light and there is where you will understand it all.
Orbs of light glowing all around you, each one full of some of my love, like bubbles as soon as they touched your skin and only yours, you’d be filled up with more of me and who I am, In turn both of us begin to have flashbacks and remember. The strong chemistry will only heighten more as time goes on, everything will intensify for us to a point, that this world has seen nothing like the love we had to offer. Examples of all that was beautiful we were. A lunar king. So until then I wait, by this creek absorbing all that was, until you awaken.

Copyright by J.C. Blu

One More Time

  It’s a horrible feeling to have your mind and body telling you that you can’t trust him, because, how can someone trust anyone after what happened?

  It was like a big tower that came crumbling down from the sky (the tower being her life, with all the people and things), with the snap of a finger, and she was left underneath.

  Everyone else left her there, to go share the news that her tower was down, then she was forgotten. Digging out of the rubble, she started to build this new foundation, a whole new tower with a really strong structure so nothing like this would happen again. She was determined. 

  So weak, and in a lot of pain, she was continuing to smooth the foundation, when a gentleman comes along with this big smile that made her feel good inside, the only shred of happiness she’d had since losing her tower. She never asked him to but, he began making small talk and helping her smooth the foundation of her tower. 

  She was feeling hurt really bad, betrayed and lost, but this man felt very warm and comforting, like a fuzzy blanket wrapped around her cold and lonely soul. 

  As weeks passed, the two of them really started to laugh together as they worked everyday, but she had been really bruised and cut up still from being crushed under the rubble. It caused her to sometimes push him away, or stay quiet, mostly standing from a distance and observing him quietly. 

  She wanted so badly to trust him, but she needed more time to let him in. She just had to watch as he amazed her more and more everyday with his actions. She had been used to many people promising to come help her, but never would they show up. 

  But he worked beside her quietly, just there… even on the days she was silent. She trusted him, but her security wouldn’t let him in. 


‘I will not give up!

 I found out today that you are building your foundation for your Tower right next to mine. Today is the best day ever.’


  A few nights into them being neighbors, she was awakened to a man yelling. It was her neighbor next door, crying out. Running over in the night, she found him lying in deep sleep, screaming in his dreams. 

  Rushing beside him, she lay down and rubbed his back, soothing him with her voice. Every night for the next week this continued, until finally one morning, while they were working on their towers, she brought it up, slowly.

  As the words fell from his mouth, she found that he too lost his tower, and couldn’t seem to trust anyone for help anymore. She said nothing, but realizing this made her sad, he had yelled and screamed every night because he felt vulnerable loving too. 

  They decided they would move in together, and hold one another at night so no one would ever feel alone again.

  It turned out they had an amazing passion, both were so deeply in love. Yet they were so scared to trust and be vulnerable. It caused the two to fight sometimes, though they always found their way back together, growing stronger as the days passed. 

  Then one day something happened. He blindfolded her and guided her to a spot, before stopping. His hands on her shoulders, taking a deep breath, he removed the blindfold from her eyes, to reveal the tower, finished, in front of her. Standing tall and stronger than ever. 

 She giggled, turning around to kiss him all over. Then he grabbed her face gently to look her in the eyes, and asked firmly – but almost in a concerned tone, “So, do you trust me now?”

  She kissed his cheek, looked him in the eyes, and whispered, “Till the day that we die…” Then, she asked, “Do you trust me now?” 

  And he whispered, “Only if you promise one more time.”

Copyright by JC Blu

All Rights Reserved

A Bit Of The Story

Purchase your copy of “Dream you into reality by J.C.Blu available on Amazon now.

  Sometimes, it takes something so drastic to wake you up and remind you what power you hold within, and that’s what I began to feel. I had all this potential within, waiting for the right time so I could use it and appreciate it for what it was. I had finally seen my Self, maybe for the first time. And I was completely different.

  I stopped explaining myself to everyone, and I no longer needed acceptance from the ones around me. It was my time to let my colors fly. My mind had become so sharp, almost like the blockades had tumbled down, leaving an open world to run freely in, and I was stopping to admire all the little things I had missed before. Everyone around me was so confused; why was I different, what was wrong with me? Some appreciated my changes and learned to like them, others stayed far away, and I think that was truly better for all of us in the end. Nothing could stop me now, not anymore.

J.C. Blu Productions

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