Lunar King

Visualizing all around me many colors, ones that make your eyes stare in amazement at the radiance they ignited from within themselves.
Listening now, to the leaves rustling, the water fall flowing behind me just in the near distance, a stream that ran right through the forest dividing it into two halves. Both still apart of the same forest, just standing on opposite sides. All it takes is the reach of a hand. It just takes a little bit of trust, just fall, fall into it, falling into one another, each bathing in the others soul. Now slowly remembering, all the sweet memories from before all hitting the solar plex as we speak, standing on opposite sides of the creek. I didn’t want to be away from you for so long, I was becoming restless and thought you might never come. Waiting for you here, Can you hear me now? Now listen closely, okay? I yell out,to the skies, I’m coming for you soon and when i do be ready, because I’m going to catch you when you fall from that place. Just jump and take the leap with me, know that I am your familiar other.
A mate that is infinitely yours and you are theirs. Protective and calm you were. you had become more centered my love I have seen the changes. Growth within your chakras. The only way to be one again in this place is to both stand in the water together, holding one another. I am your very best and only friend in the whole universe. I am the one you search for in the skies at night, I hear you breath in my ears, and im always there in your dreams holding you safe. I am your soul twin. Here i am just as you have called to me, expect im here to stay no running, no playing. I know how scary and overwhelming this must be for you right now but you have to listen. This is my biggest promise, Ill be here waiting oh so patiently, until you say your ready, then i will never leave your side again.
Dancing on Jupiter and spinning to mars with you in my arms, intertwining. I am indeed your destiny,. that’s why you said it i was so familiar, you remember
but only subconsciously, soon more and more with come to light and there is where you will understand it all.
Orbs of light glowing all around you, each one full of some of my love, like bubbles as soon as they touched your skin and only yours, you’d be filled up with more of me and who I am, In turn both of us begin to have flashbacks and remember. The strong chemistry will only heighten more as time goes on, everything will intensify for us to a point, that this world has seen nothing like the love we had to offer. Examples of all that was beautiful we were. A lunar king. So until then I wait, by this creek absorbing all that was, until you awaken.

Copyright by J.C. Blu

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