Magic Moments

“So,you think you know happiness? You think you know love? You think that life is filled with magic? That’s all little girl shit, that’s all a bunch of fairy tale lalala shit!.” But you know what I say? I say to them, “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, because my happiness was found within and now I know what it means to love myself. As for love it can be found all around you if you opened your eyes to see that magic I speak of, the trees that give you air, the birds that fly over our heads, the warm embrace of your child’s hugs, the sweet smell of the one you love, your person, when they come home, after being gone all day. And your little heart flutters because your soul wants to jump out of its skin and into their arms as fast as possible. Just to smell them and of course hug them. ♥️ that is all magic too me.”


Copyright by JC Blu. 

All rights reserved.

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