One More Time

  It’s a horrible feeling to have your mind and body telling you that you can’t trust him, because, how can someone trust anyone after what happened?

  It was like a big tower that came crumbling down from the sky (the tower being her life, with all the people and things), with the snap of a finger, and she was left underneath.

  Everyone else left her there, to go share the news that her tower was down, then she was forgotten. Digging out of the rubble, she started to build this new foundation, a whole new tower with a really strong structure so nothing like this would happen again. She was determined. 

  So weak, and in a lot of pain, she was continuing to smooth the foundation, when a gentleman comes along with this big smile that made her feel good inside, the only shred of happiness she’d had since losing her tower. She never asked him to but, he began making small talk and helping her smooth the foundation of her tower. 

  She was feeling hurt really bad, betrayed and lost, but this man felt very warm and comforting, like a fuzzy blanket wrapped around her cold and lonely soul. 

  As weeks passed, the two of them really started to laugh together as they worked everyday, but she had been really bruised and cut up still from being crushed under the rubble. It caused her to sometimes push him away, or stay quiet, mostly standing from a distance and observing him quietly. 

  She wanted so badly to trust him, but she needed more time to let him in. She just had to watch as he amazed her more and more everyday with his actions. She had been used to many people promising to come help her, but never would they show up. 

  But he worked beside her quietly, just there… even on the days she was silent. She trusted him, but her security wouldn’t let him in. 


‘I will not give up!

 I found out today that you are building your foundation for your Tower right next to mine. Today is the best day ever.’


  A few nights into them being neighbors, she was awakened to a man yelling. It was her neighbor next door, crying out. Running over in the night, she found him lying in deep sleep, screaming in his dreams. 

  Rushing beside him, she lay down and rubbed his back, soothing him with her voice. Every night for the next week this continued, until finally one morning, while they were working on their towers, she brought it up, slowly.

  As the words fell from his mouth, she found that he too lost his tower, and couldn’t seem to trust anyone for help anymore. She said nothing, but realizing this made her sad, he had yelled and screamed every night because he felt vulnerable loving too. 

  They decided they would move in together, and hold one another at night so no one would ever feel alone again.

  It turned out they had an amazing passion, both were so deeply in love. Yet they were so scared to trust and be vulnerable. It caused the two to fight sometimes, though they always found their way back together, growing stronger as the days passed. 

  Then one day something happened. He blindfolded her and guided her to a spot, before stopping. His hands on her shoulders, taking a deep breath, he removed the blindfold from her eyes, to reveal the tower, finished, in front of her. Standing tall and stronger than ever. 

 She giggled, turning around to kiss him all over. Then he grabbed her face gently to look her in the eyes, and asked firmly – but almost in a concerned tone, “So, do you trust me now?”

  She kissed his cheek, looked him in the eyes, and whispered, “Till the day that we die…” Then, she asked, “Do you trust me now?” 

  And he whispered, “Only if you promise one more time.”

Copyright by JC Blu

All Rights Reserved

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