A Bit Of The Story

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  Sometimes, it takes something so drastic to wake you up and remind you what power you hold within, and that’s what I began to feel. I had all this potential within, waiting for the right time so I could use it and appreciate it for what it was. I had finally seen my Self, maybe for the first time. And I was completely different.

  I stopped explaining myself to everyone, and I no longer needed acceptance from the ones around me. It was my time to let my colors fly. My mind had become so sharp, almost like the blockades had tumbled down, leaving an open world to run freely in, and I was stopping to admire all the little things I had missed before. Everyone around me was so confused; why was I different, what was wrong with me? Some appreciated my changes and learned to like them, others stayed far away, and I think that was truly better for all of us in the end. Nothing could stop me now, not anymore.

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